Despite Token Fail: Civil starts in February – CVL included

The journalism platform Civil is to go to the start in February – despite the Initial Coin Offering which failed in October. Civil would like to direct the focus away from the Blockchain on their core business, the journalism. Nevertheless, the CVL token continues to play a role in Civil.

Civil had already announced cryptosoft:

“The failed Token Sale will not prevent us from developing a blockchain-based cryptosoft platform for journalists. After the ICO expired on 15 October without reaching the soft cap of eight million US dollars, Civil began to investigate the causes. Civil founder Matthew Iles met with his team, partners (including Forbes) and consultants. In the end, there was agreement that Civil had neglected the journalistic aspect of the project in favor of a fixation on blockchain technology.

“Civil was never about ICOs and tokens or even blockchain. We’re about community property, transparency and trust. We believe that journalism (and the media in general) should compete in the craft sector, but work together on infrastructure. Technology is an important means to an end, but we let it take our message, complicate our experience and distract us from our core objectives. We will not make this mistake again”, announced Matthew Iles after the failed Token Sale on Medium.

Launch in February, including CVL Token Sale with no time limit

Civil intends to launch on the market as early as February 2019. In the Civil Registry app, newsrooms are networked in a decentralized manner and thus form a community that manages itself. The basis is a set of rules with journalistic standards, the “Civil Constitution”. In addition with the Civil Publisher an Add-on for WordPress is to be launched. This will enable online journalists to deposit their content on the Ethereum blockchain.

The CVL token will also be sold again in February – for an unlimited period of time. There is neither soft nor hard cap, the CVL is to be sold until all 34 million tokens are among the people. The token plays a central role in governance within the civil ecosystem:

“CVL tokens are the means of the civil community to submit, vote, challenge and participate in discussions about civil journalism,

is stated in the roadmap published on 19 December. But there is no longer any mention of the fact that it is also used to pay for journalistic content.