There is plenty of room for new sponsors and donations. Bleeding Snort will not solicit Cash Donations. What keeps this project alive are the contributions of time and ideas. The primary requirements are manpower to test and write signatures, coders for the upcoming rule manager interface, admins to be ‘on call’ to seek and bring new signatures into the rulesets. Please contact if you would like to contribute resources or become an administrator.

The following Companies have made significant physical resources or manpower available to build and maintain the Bleeding Snort project.

Admins of Bleeding Snort:

Matt Jonkman — Infotex
Frank Knobbe — Praemunio
Blake Hartstein — Demarc
David Glosser
Chris Norton

Mark Scott
James Ashton — Vortech Hosting
Eric Hines — Applied Watch
Mark Warren — Praemunio
Joel Ebrahimi — Demarc

Significant Signature Contributions made by:

Abe Use
Brandon Barnes

Chich Thierry
Chris Norton
Christopher Harrington
Cody Hatch
Federico Petronio
James Ashton
Jason Haar
Joel Esler
Joe Stewart

Johnathan Norman
Jonathan Miner
Joseph Gama
Owen Crowe
Lin Zhong
Mark Scott
Matt Jonkman
Matt Sheridan

Michael Sconzo
Nick Hatch
Patrick Harper
Philippe Caturegli
Sam Evans
Thomas Alex
Vernon Stark

Many thanks to all who have and will contribute that are not named. We will try to periodically update this page, our way of saying thanks for stepping up and contributing to the community.