Bleeding Snort is a Free Zone for Snort signature development, and a number of other related security projects. Bleeding Snort brings together the most experienced, and the least experienced security professionals.

This site takes all the Snort Signatures we can find, and that are submitted to us, organizes them into coherent rulesets, makes basic quality tweaks, and distributes them free of charge to all who are interested. We welcome your contributions, ideas, or just tweaks. What makes this project so effective are both the ideas and peer review of all content. Our overriding goal is to make this process happen quickly to help all of us as security professionals respond quickly to known and unknown threats.

Free Zone means this is a space where any idea, regardless of how stupid or useless it may sound, can be brought up without fear of disparagement. The majority of the most innovative and unique ideas that make these rules so effective have come from our newest and least experienced users.

Our History

Bleeding Snort came about in early 2003 to satisfy a need in the community. Prior to our formation, security professionals had to monitor a large number of security mailing lists and websites to glean all of the new Snort signatures that were being discussed and distributed. There was no real way to make sure you had the latest version, or contribute effectively a tweak to improve a signature.

Bleeding Snort was founded by Matt Jonkman and James Ashton to fill that need. It is a completely volunteer run project using donated servers and resources. Bleeding Snort has a number of commercial sponsors, these sponsors generally donate the time of their security experts to help write signatures, and mature what is submitted.

If you have an idea for a signature, or another security project, please email it to the Bleeding-Sigs mailing list or

The Goods
A number of other security projects have found a home at Bleeding Snort, and we’re always looking for others that need a home and a community. The signatures can be found here:

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Our Sponsors and Admins

If you have a project that needs a home, want to volunteer to be a Bleeding Snort Admin, or have a signature or idea to contribute, please contact Bleeding Snort has been so useful and successful because of the user community. This is just a reflection of our collective work. Please continue to contribute!