The first C³ Crypto Trader Conference in Berlin

Germany’s largest conference on crypto currencies and blockchain to date invites the community and interested parties to on-stage presentations, Expo and interactive workshops in Berlin. There it is possible to meet the international crypto community in the heart of Europe.

“Berlin invites the world to an exciting event at which international blockchain experts meet people interested in crypto to promote the crypto-currency ecosystem and strengthen the community with new impulses, explains Dennis Weidner, CEO of the crypto agency Paranoid Internet and initiator of the C³ Crypto Conference.

The event is both an Expo and a crypto trader conference

The Expo is all about the ecosystem, while the crypto trader conference focuses on applications and future technology developments. The aim is to open the door to new blockchain technologies from 5 to 6 April. Workshops for beginners and professionals will ensure the transfer of basic and expert knowledge in order to navigate more competently through the crazy crypto trader world.

On two days one gets deep insights into different topics and areas of the crypto world: ICOs, crypto exchanges and Smart Contracts are only some of the hotly discussed trends at the conference. Leading crypto experts, investors, blockchain start-ups, lawyers, developers and anyone interested in crypto currencies and blockchain technology will gather here. Thoroughbred Blockchain fans can debate with other enthusiasts, deepen their knowledge and exchange technical information. In addition to many keynotes from prominent players in the crypto scene, live trading sessions will also be held.

The C³ Vision

We can already see at Bitcoin that Blockchain is changing the world. Estonia uses the technology for the nationwide database, Russia and Venezuela have set up a blockchain variant of their national currency. Amir Takis’ “Academy” offers Syria economic stability during the war.

Blockchain technologies have the potential to change industrial sectors in elementary or even revolutionary ways. They offer new innovative perspectives towards a decentralized digital society. Those who would like to attend the conference can focus on exciting topics such as “Making Decentralized Technologies Marketable” or “ICO Success Factors: How you can achieve your fundraising goal”. In addition, more than 20 interactive workshops with the latest and most intelligent investment advice will be offered at the Expo, e.g. “Buy low, sell high: investment strategies for crypto portfolios”. In contrast to this, the conference will look beyond the horizon.

Key data and tickets
The C³ Crypto Conference will take place on 5 and 6 April at the STATION Berlin Messe Zentrum. According to Weidner, the event is deliberately scheduled for Thursday and Friday so that participants can stay until the weekend and enjoy Europe’s vibe in Berlin’s technology metropolis.

Tickets are available on the C³ website. Early bookers of the conference benefit from the Early Bird discount. It starts at €299 for start-ups and ends at €1295 for investors. Visitors pay 29 € for a day ticket and 49 € for both days. There is a 20% discount when paying with Bitcoin or Altcoins. When entering the coupon code BTCECHO, BTC-ECHO readers also receive a 15% discount.

More information can be found on the official C³ website here.